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Longleaf Defeat Marks End to Nation’s Longest Running Fight Against Coal Plant

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December 12, 2011: The ten year saga of whether a New Jersey-based LS Power should be allowed to build the Longleaf Energy Station (Longleaf), a massive coal plant slated for construction in southwest Georgia, has ended with the company’s announcement that it will withdraw all requests for environmental permits for the facility. GreenLaw, Friends of the Chattahoochee and Sierra Club have been opposing construction of the plant citing environmental and public health concerns.

The announcement comes as part of a settlement agreement with Sierra Club on an unrelated legal challenge in Texas involving the Sandy Creek Energy Station, a coal plant operated by LS Power.  The agreement requires that the company file notices with the applicable Georgia agencies that it is withdrawing all requests for all environmental permits, and that any permits that have already been issued should be rescinded or revoked.  The defeat of Longleaf Energy Station has prevented millions of tons of air pollution from entering the air. 

Longleaf Background:  First proposed in 2001, the Longleaf Energy Station was a project of New Jersey-based LS Power.  LS Power sought to construct this 1200 megawatt coal fired power plant in Early County, a rural, depressed area of Georgia that borders Alabama and Florida.  Given the location of the plant and proximity to transmission lines and a nearby nuclear plant, we believed that LS Power anticipated selling the energy to Florida where efforts to prevent the construction of new coal-fired power plants have been successful.  Working with Sierra Club and Friends of the Chattahoochee, GreenLaw brought a series of lawsuits to protect our air quality and public health.  This plant would have emitted  9 million tons of carbon dioxide and tens of thousands of tons of other pollutants that cause respiratory problems, heart attacks, asthma attacks and premature death.  As a result of our efforts (the longest battle on a new coal plant in the nation), LS Power did not commence construction on the Longleaf Energy Station.  See our timeline of the effort or visit the docket page for more details.

This success would not have been possible without our many partners and supporters in the effort for clean air.

The battle for clean air in Georgia continues:  Now, GreenLaw continues are battle against two more proposed coal-fired power plants have been proposed for Georgia.  The first, proposed in January 2008, is for Plant Washington, an 854 MW plant to be located in middle Georgia.  The second, Plant Ben Hill, was proposed in 2009 by the same company that is behind Plant Washington and is also expected to be approximately 850 MWs.   The legal challenges to these coal plants are a critical part of both the local effort to shift Georgia away from coal-burning energy production and the national effort to address climate change through organized opposition to coal plants.

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For more details and documents related to the successful effort to stop the proposed coal-plant, Longleaf Energy Station, visit the Longleaf Docket.

The defeat of the proposed coal plant, Longleaf Energy Station, prevented the emission of millions of tons of toxic air pollutants into the air in Georgia. The table below provides the maximum allowable pollution that this proposed dirty coal plant would have been allowed to put into the air, had the plant ever been built.
The detailed files from the fight to stop Longleaf Energy Station, a proposed dirty coal plant in Early County, GA.
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